Humboldt Folk Dancers


October 2021

Humboldt Folk Dancers regretfully cancels in-person dancing, due to the current high Covid infection rates and the growing proportion of the Delta variant. We will remain closed as long as it is unsafe to meet.

We will re-open when it is deemed safe, following any guidelines from the CDC, State of California, Humboldt County, and the Redwood Raks Collective.

We dance every 2 weeks  at 7:30 p.m. PDT on Zoom. Email Catherine at for the Zoom link.


1) Hine Ma Tov -E Israel
2) Zorba Greek line dance
3) Trakijska Râčenica -E Bulgaria
REVIEW (8:00)
4) La Bordeiul cel din vale -E Romanian
TEACH (Becky & Greg)
5) Baztan Danza (Basque)
6) Hora Fetelor – E/M Romanian
7) Divcibarsko Kolo -M Croatian/Serbia
8) Hora Fluierata (Bessarabia) Romanian
(If time)
9) Libi – M Israeli