Live Music

An abundance of talented musicians bless the Humboldt Folk Dancers with great live music for its dance parties. 




The Balkan Music Meetup is an open-door ensemble, meeting on Wednesdays from 4-6:30 p.m. at the Redwood Raks Studio. All experience levels are welcome. Beginners are encouraged to try out new instruments and/or vocal styles!

Current members include:

Betsy Abrams,
Joe Brookshire,
Marika Chop,
John Filcich,
Anna Fritschi,
Evaonne Hendricks,
Patricia Hume,
Emily Janzen,
Devora Kaufman,
Kathleen Kinkela-Love,
Rick Kruse,
Craig Kurumada,
Larry Levine,
Linnea Mandell,
Heather Scharlach,
Gretchen Schuster,
Derek Shaw,
Ryan Thomas,
Irene Treesong,
Ishan Vernallis


Chubritza International Folk Band was founded in 1993 in Arcata.

Current members (left to right):
Meadow Lo,
Craig Kurumada
Linnea Mandell
Derek Shaw
Rick Kruse,

Janet Finney-Krull

Kafanaphoria is Rick Kruse, Emily Janzen, Joe Brookshire and other guests.